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Download win32 intunewin content file via Graph API

This tutorial is about how to download intunewin content according to an Intune App ID. It is only about the file. The other configurations outside the file can be fetched via another endpoint as JSON.

The script first gets the file version and then the storage URL from the storage account that Microsoft uses for storing the intunewin file.


This script relies only on REST Calls to the Microsoft Graph API. The authentication is based on OAuth 2.0 which relies on access tokens. How you can create an access token as a user or system identity is described here: Create user access tok... | LNC DOCS (

Limitations (currently)

ATTENTION: The file is just downloaded. It will then be available in the specified folder. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to upload the file again because the header is somehow cut off and the file size is therefore not the same.

PowerShell Script

This script requires an access token for Microsoft Entra ID, the Intune App ID and the output folder. Save the values into the corresponding PowerShell variables. 

$Global:MicrosoftEntraIDAccessToken = "<youraccesstoken>"
$AppID = "<yourintuneappid>"
$Path = "<youroutputpathforfile>"

$Win32AppContentVersions = (Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "$($AppID)/microsoft.graph.win32LobApp/contentVersions" -Method "GET" -Headers @{Authorization = "$($Global:MicrosoftEntraIDAccessToken)" } -ContentType 'application/json').value
switch ($Win32AppContentVersions.Count) {
    0 {
        Write-Warning -Message "Unable to locate any contentVersions resources for specified Win32 app"
    1 {
        Write-Verbose -Message "Located contentVersions resource with ID: $($"
        $Win32AppContentVersionID = $
    default {
        Write-Verbose -Message "Located '$($Win32AppContentVersions.Count)' contentVersions resources for specified Win32 app, attempting to determine the latest item"
        $Win32AppContentVersionID = $Win32AppContentVersions | Sort-Object -Property id -Descending | Select-Object -First 1 -ExpandProperty id
if ($Win32AppContentVersions.Count -ge 1) {
    $Win32AppContentVersionsFiles = (Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "$($AppID)/microsoft.graph.win32LobApp/contentVersions/$($Win32AppContentVersionID)/files" -Method "GET" -Headers @{Authorization = "$($Global:MicrosoftEntraIDAccessToken)" } -ContentType 'application/json').value
    if ($Win32AppContentVersionsFiles -ne $null) {
        foreach ($Win32AppContentVersionsFile in $Win32AppContentVersionsFiles) {
            try {
                $Win32AppContentVersionsFileResource = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "$($AppID)/microsoft.graph.win32LobApp/contentVersions/$($Win32AppContentVersionID)/files/$($" -Method "GET" -Headers @{Authorization = "$($Global:MicrosoftEntraIDAccessToken)" } -ContentType 'application/json'
            catch {}
            if ($Win32AppContentVersionsFileResource -ne $null) {
                Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $Win32AppContentVersionsFileResource.azureStorageUri -Method "GET" -OutFile "$Path\$($Win32AppContentVersionsFiles.indexOf($Win32AppContentVersionsFile)).intunewin"