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Comparison Google Workspace & Microsoft 365

This overview serves to illustrate the proliferation of applications, urls and names of the most popular office applications. This comparison only applies to web applications and does not take into account any desktop applications (especially for Microsoft products).

End user interfaces (web comparison only)

This section compares the end user interfaces. The usage types in the first column serve as a rough categorization. The list is probably not exhaustive and quickly becomes outdated. 


Google App

Google App URL

Microsoft App

Microsoft App URL



Google Mail (Gmail)


Microsoft Exchange Mail (Outlook Mail)


Online Meeting


Google Meet


Microsoft Teams Meetings




Google Chat


Microsoft Teams Chats





Google Calendar


Microsoft Exchange Calendar (Outlook Calendar)


Data storage


Google Drive


Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft OneDrive


Text data


Google Docs


Microsoft Word


Table data


Google Sheets


Microsoft Excel


Presentation data


Google Slides


Microsoft PowerPoint


Forms & data collection


Google Forms


Microsoft Forms


Web pages


Google Sites


Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft PowerPages




Google Keep

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft Loop

Process automation


Google Apps Script


Microsoft PowerAutomate


Drawing sheet


Google Jamboard


Microsoft Whiteboard


Video editing

Microsoft Clipchamp


Data lists

Google Sheets


Microsoft Lists


Microsoft Visio

Task Management

Google Tasks

Microsoft Planner

Microsoft To Do