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Tasks to appointment working method

This guide describes one possible work methodology for getting work done efficiently and transprantly. This also allows to record the work done. 


If you have a new task to do in the near future, you can use the following approach.

  1. Create a new task in todo tool.
  2. Prioritize tasks
  3. Plan your time in your calendar -> Copy task name to calendar.
  4. Work on task
  5. Update corresponding calendar entry for correct time period.
  6. If task was completed in the given time, close the task.
  7. If you need more time to complete the task, plan more time in your calendar or shift the priority of the task.

Element naming

There is nothing more difficult than naming things. That's why it's important to come up with a consistent solution and then always follow through with it. Notes, documents, to-dos, calendar entries, etc. should always be named the same.

A possible naming could be as following:


Verb + noun + described in more detail + affected person + " - " Subcategory of the workspace
Example: Edit problem OneDrive synchronization Luca Caprez - Support LNC


Noun + described in more detail + affected person + verb + " - " Subcategory of the workspace
Example: Problem OneDrive Synchronisation Luca Caprez bearbeiten - Support LNC

Working areas

Work environments are areas that require resources over a long period of time and many tasks need to be completed. This could be, for example, working in a voluntary association and working at the main job. For each working area it makes sense that a separate folder for tasks or a new calendar is created. It is also important here that each work environment is treated equally.

Per working area it makes sense to create the following:

  • New folder on root level of your file system
  • New calendar
  • New todo folder
  • New notebook folder
  • New password safe folder