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Installation and configuration of GIT

To get started with GIT, first install Visual Studio Code (VS Code) and GIT on your computer. After installation, configure GIT with your name and email address. These steps are documented here.

Install VS Code

Install VS Code on your computer. Here is a winget command for Windows.

winget install -e --id Microsoft.VisualStudioCode

You can also download it on the official page for other platforms:

Download Visual Studio Code - Mac, Linux, Windows

Install GIT

Install GIT on your computer (Command for Windows only):

winget install -e --id Git.Git

For other platforms use this download links.

Git - Downloads (

Configure GIT

Configure GIT on first startup:

1. Name and email: Open your terminal or GIT bash (if using Windows) and configure GIT by providing your name and email address. This helps GIT to identify you as the author of the changes:

git config --global "<yourdisplayName>"
git config --global "<yourEmailAdress>"

2. Texteditor (optional): If you want, you can select your preferred text editor for GIT. For example, to set Visual Studio Code as the default editor.

git config --global core.editor "code --wait"