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Backup MongoDB Docker container via Bash script

This short script is to backup a MongoDB database inside a docker container. A command is executed inside the Docker container via "docker exec". The command uses the program "mongodump", which is already installed on most container images. There you can specify the path in the Docker container where the backup should be stored. Here it is important that the folder in the Docker container is mapped to the filesystem of the host.

datetmp=$(date '+%Y%m%d')
docker exec <dockercontainername> /bin/sh -c "mongodump --host="localhost:27017" --port=27017 -o '/data/backups/${dateprod} backup'"

This script can be executed regularly by means of a cronjob, so that the backups are available at a regular interval.

Instructions for creating a cronjob can be found here: Quick commands | LNC DOCS (