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Set user home to path or local home

This PowerShell script streamlines the process of setting or updating home directory paths for multiple Active Directory (AD) users. It reads a list of usernames or User Principal Names (UPNs) from a file and uses the Set-ADUser cmdlet for the task. You can customize the home directory path or leave it empty to retain existing paths. Ideal for administrators managing users in a specific OU, the script enhances efficiency and maintains consistency within an AD environment.

# Get all AD users within the specified OU
$users = Get-Content -Path "<yourfilepathwithusernamesorupns>"

# Set the pathVariable or leave empty for local home path
$homePath = ""

# Loop through each user and check if the HomeDirectory property is not a local path
foreach ($user in $users) {
    Set-ADUser -Identity $user -HomeDirectory $homePath